Wednesday, August 16, 2017


LienLogic is a real estate tax lien investment group. Our primary goal and mission is to be the number one trusted authority in acquiring and servicing tax liens in the multi-billion dollar tax lien industry.

LienLogic lends confidence in a variety of areas in this dynamic environment through its scrutiny of information, research of state statutes and legislation, purchasing diligence and realized economies of scale when entering the tax lien certificate (TLC) marketplace.

Since 2009 LienLogic has acquired in excess of $48 million in TLC’s located across seven states. Through these successful acquisitions we have several hundred properties under management, which are either rented, awaiting rehab or possibly liquidation.

LienLogic, Inc. | 555 Middle Creek Pkwy, Suite 100 | Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921 | 719-355-3582